Privacy Policy

Quest Clubs – Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Quest Clubs handles personal information collected electronically when users make use of our website:

Users have our utmost respect with regards to any personal information we capture in any way through our website. We strive to keep all our users and their personal information strictly confidential at all times. To clarify personal information, we point out that it is any information that is unique to our users and identifies them as individuals. We refer to any personal information obtained, including email address, full names or similar. Any and all information we receive will be viewed as personal information.

Protecting personal information

Any information shared with us will be treated as private and will not be shared in any way, without consent. Information will be dealt with responsibly and will be kept private at all times. For our own internal marketing process, Quest Clubs will monitor website traffic and use visitor information for targeted marketing for Quest Clubs only.

We will not ever sell any information on, or use it to give advantage to any or all third parties in any way, without prior consent being obtained.

Our users may give consent at any time for us to supply personal information to our associated partners, but this consent may also be withdrawn at any time upon the discretion of our users.

Visitors to our website could be tracked for marketing purposes

 Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right, to change this privacy policy whenever we see fit and necessary, any amendments to our privacy policy will completely replace any previous versions of the policy. Clients will need to make sure they have read and understood any changes to the privacy policy.